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Rick Miller has been a real estate investor for over 20 years. He has developed a wide variety of of residential property including single family homes, market rate townhomes, high end condos and urban infill projects. He has been involved in the real estate industry in several capacities throughout his career as a developer, property owner, publisher, sales executive and founder of the Denver Masterminds real estate leadership group. Rick currently holds investment properties in four states and continues to development projects in Colorado, Idaho and Texas.



Jay Kilpatrick has worked in real estate and mortgage banking for 25 years. Prior to becoming a developer and principal investor in real estate, Jay worked in NYC at top tier Investment Banks creating and issuing Mortgage Backed Securities and managing the strategic disposition of REO properties. Since moving to Colorado in 2009, Jay has held executive positions for a retail mortgage lender and mortgage servicer.



Nicole Jacques is a telecom and technology professional with a strong business background. She owns and manages several businesses and has been a real estate investor/developer for nearly 15 years. She has been involved in the financing, designing and accounting of nearly every project from start to finish. She manages the financial side of our development business and has a strong background in accounting and financial management.